Samaaj     |     2017     |     Website

Urdu translation for understand,  is the exploration of South Asian identity in a post 9/11. The intention of the project was to create a dialog of how the South Asian culture was effected by the rhetoric that media used after the attacks, and following attacks,  individual identities were effected. Through conducting interviews with 40+ individuals (immigrants, or second/third generation), I created conversations about their life in the states, how they choose to interact with their culture, how they felt 9/11 had a lasting effect, what they think the future will hold, etc.

The conversations really let the interviewees to express their individuality and connection to their heritage. To express that conversations that unfolded I created a website with the idea to expand the conversation of this idea beyond the South Asian community and help others understand the long lasting effect that media has to not just this community but all minority communities.  

Similar to the experience these, and many others had, of dealing with their identity and exploring it in an non-linear way I designed the website for the user to experience the content in the same way. With the intention of taking the user through an uncertain experience without any iconography or elements explain the navigation of the site, there are hundreds of ways that a user can explore the site and ways that they're able to understand the content in different manners.

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