SAGA    |    2017

Saga relays the story of a folk dancer in Pakistan who fought prejudice in society and his own family to pursue his dream and change the landscape of the arts in Pakistan. Fakir Hussain Saga was revolutionary. The publication aims to bring the legacy of Fakir Hussain Saga to life as well astell the story of a man combated societal and familial oppression to pursue his dream. Told in three parts: his background and the struggle he faced from society, the education he received, and the legacy he left behind. Saga unfolds both his personal achievements along with tells the state of Pakistan at the time. 

This is the first publication in a series which will highlight different artist throughout Pakistani culture that challenged and changed the platform of the country.



Articles and images repurposed from Fakir Hussain Saga's archive
Edited by Mina Shoaib