Print Fair 2015   |   2015

The CalArts Design Department hosted its 4th annual Print Fair spring of 2015 . This event gives the Los Angeles residents the chance to see the work that is being produced at CalArts. The fair hosted over 60 vendors including students, alumni, faculty as well as some artists from the Los Angeles area. This year the event team is a working collaboration between the PMFA, MFA 1 + BFA 2 classes. 

Monique Wilmoth and I co-organized the, along with that I also took charge of the organizing poster committee, advertising the event, booking workshops, and dealing with the budget.

The event included two workshop. One was led by Confetti Confidential a local collage group that is a made up of CalArts MFA graduates,  in this workshop attendees were given an empty zine that allowed them to create collages from materials that the group provided. The second workshop was led by CalArts MFA graduates, Calvin Rye, Sarah Shoemake & Cathy Lee who created mechanical drawing tools. Both workshops were diverse and very interactive created amazing work for the attendees to take home. 


The posters for the event were silk screen in editions of 33, with three separate designs in total there were 99 posters that were silk screened and used as promotional pieces for the event. 

Collaborated with Monique Wilmoth