IN_SITE    |    2015

Today we live in a world where we've seen a lot of horror and trauma, both locally and abroad. America has played a large part in making decisions that effect  local and international issues. Yet, these decisions don't fix problems that countries need help with.

Our belief at IN_SITE is that today, even with the media at its most immersed  time, we
are still not able to completely understand and relate what others are put through, and the
way media's narrative has developed hasn't helped the issue and they still remain inhumane and intangible. That is where IN_SITE swoops in, we want to create a platform where government officials will be able to understand the daily struggle citizens of these ares go through. It is our believe that this is because there is no relation between these countries or  the issues happening right outside our front door. We intend to fix this issue.


Our product is a holographic projection of current events to inform policy makers and high level government officials are making decision for events that are transpiring and they have no connection or relation to them at all. The idea of the hologram is that it will take a video, something that isn’t interactive and it will make it interactive. By doing so, this defined group of people will be able to connect more to the areas that they are about to change drastically - this is based on the fact that by having an interactive experience in a specific war zone, homeless area, etc. they will be able to make decisions that end up being more humanitarian and less about the overall picture. If we are living in a world today that constantly having “breaking news” experts about tragic events, the only way to filter them out is by making decisions that are helpful. Decisions that will help the society, rather than fix it in a way that is best suited by a group that isn't as familiar as they could be.


IN_SITE started as a speculative brand, and led itself into an immersive experience. The Idea was to create a helpful and reachable design decision on how to bring humanity to this ever seeming inhumane and empathetic world. Although a brand that is specifically designed for government agencies, the hope is to take this to the top tier and have the success trickle down to the average private citizen. The need for these types of projects is mandatory, the necessity to make our voices heard louder and the voiceless voices even louder each day is what will soon bring some humanity to everyday life. Approach through media and techonology is an important step we have to take, and create solutions to these important issues.