MAKE MAKE MAKE   |   2017

MAKE MAKE MAKE is an exhibition that was curated for the undergrad program at CalArts during the spring of 2017. The show intended to bring to light the extensive and individual process that goes into creating a piece of work — feedback from faculty, the rounds of iterations, inspiration, work wasn't a piece that a student was proud of but learnt from the process. We wanted to showcase the raw scene of what makes us individualistic, distinctive graphic designers producing glorious outcomes.

By exposing what happens during the process of creating works, we used our environment to convey a studio environment with process work on the wall that were surrounded with quotes that professors had said to students during their time in the program. The final work remained in the center of the gallery to highlight the accomplishments of the year. 

To reach a higher audience we created an Instagram that intended to show a more individual take on each student,  by laying out their personal notebooks. This enhanced the environment of raw, no boundary we tried to create, by showing the viewer each students individual method of using their notebooks, a very personal item.


The exhibition was curated by Nic Escobar and myself. 
The branding was done by Samantha Jung and Paul Um.
The Instagram layout was done by me.